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While watching the Spurs Newcastle game yesterday lunchtime a couple of things struck me.  Firstly, what a pleasure it was to watch Gareth Bale play in such a rich vein of form.  He could easily have scored 4 and it will be so important for him to stay fit if Spurs are to fulfill their not inconsiderable potential this season and beyond.

Bale vs Newcastle

Bale scores second against Newcastle

I’ll wax lyrical some more about him shortly, I promise, but not before I’ve had a rant about the standard of punditry covering some of the games at the moment.  You see, this was the second thing (or, more accurately, the first thing, I suppose) that I noticed.  Yes, Mr Quinn, that means you!  It seems as though the sports channels are happy to give anyone who used to play a crack at punditry, the ability to coherently string a couple of sentences together seemingly a secondary consideration.  Perhaps not even a consideration at all, if we recall John Barnes’s efforts before he was shipped off to cover the Scottish leagues or Chris Waddles frankly embarrassing attempts to regurgitate as many football cliches as he possibly can.  Now, Niall Quinn actually strikes me as quite a bright bloke but the tiresome reminders of what the game was like in his day must result in mute buttons being pressed up and down the country.  I’m not against pundits per se; I was never a big fan of Gary Neville in his playing days but think he is doing a great job as a color commentator at Sky Sports and Jamie Redknapp always seems to talk sense, for example.  I just think there are too many washed up footballers with all the personality of a rich tea biscuit being sat down behind a microphone and subjecting anyone who will listen to their half-brained drivel.

Rant over.  Bale has been phenomenal over the past few months and is really getting the recognition he deserves. Last season I thought that defenders had figured him out a little bit, but it now seems like he has changed his game and adapted to do different things.  The result is that he now pops up all over the field, regularly switching with Aaron Lennon and also going through the middle.  I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that on current form there are not many sides in the world who wouldn’t find room for him.  If I were him, though, I would stay at Spurs: he is the main man there, and they will build a team around him. If he goes to Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester then he might just not get the same freedom as he does at the moment to do what he wants and move around on the field wherever he wants.  Money talks though, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him move to one of those four clubs this summer. The good news for Spurs fans is that it will surely take a massive amount of money to prise him away from White Hart Lane.

*Picture from Zimbio